I work at an Ingles and may I say I've never been so glad to hear other stores have the same management problems as we do. Our store manager doesn't do much, one belittles, bullies, and straight up makes it her goal to make employees miserable.

Another is a *** who has tried getting with younger staff members. Not to mention 3 have quit because of the advances made. The only manager worth a *** is not considered a real manager. Employees are treated like dirt, customers get gossiped about (loudly), and management doesn't do nearly as much as they should.

On the employee side, I'm thankful for my job. But tired of being ready to cry whenever I get off work. Since starting there in 2010 I've had to start going to therapy, taking nerve medication, and praying I can find another job.

Speaking as a consumer - the produce is always fresh. The stock crew works hard to keep the shelves nice and updated.

There are only a few things I'd complain about, and that would be the smell of our store, the management (customers have come up to me and asked why our managers weren't friendly...), the size of our store, and lack of help. Our store is old fashioned, smells like water damage, and we only have 3 registers open in a day. By old fashioned I can, they don't allow women to do anything men can do.

They can't get carts, join stock crew, or wear hats. (I live in Asheville, north Carolina...I'm visiting family in Wisconsin.)

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #699486

Apparently you have no idea how many hours a week managers work, for what they are paid. They have paper work to do, go over inventory and decide what has to be ordered, etc.

It kind of sounds like you are a little on the immature side, if you feel like crying when you get off work.

Managers/supervisors always have favorites, no matter where a person works. There will always be clicks in any business.

to anonymous #699792

doesn't mean that the managers can't be nice Sioux. i mean if an manager is making advances on another employee it's inappropriate.

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