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The general manager, Mark Pruitt, at 114 in Franklin NC allows himself and his managers to harass, bully, intimidate, lie and cheat to their employees. I walked in yesterday to ask for the ethics hotline number because my fiancee's old manager was calling places that she was trying to get work (after they fired her for getting a second part time job after cutting her hours 20 hours a week) and telling them not to hire her because she's nothing but trouble.

When I asked Mark Pruitt for that number he decided his professionalism allowed him to start cussing at us and threatening to throw us out of the store. He said he wasn't dealing with our s*** and wasn't putting up with our s***. The assistant manager was witness to this with at least a dozen customers. I am not happy.

That man is a bully and a coward that refuses to put a stop to a deli manager serving bad food and making employees and customers sick... allowing the bakery to swarm with bugs that get into the food for which I reported over a dozen times personally. Mark will justify everything and make the good workers seem like bad ones... and promotes the bad ones because they blindly follow orders so Mark can make a profit.

I'm going to take this complaint to anyone and everyone at ingles until I get something done about this. I worked at Ingles twice under him and he's nothing buy a bully and a liar. Him cussing my fiancee and myself out yesterday shows total lack of professionalism and that store needs to be investigated. If this gets back to him...

since he refused to address my issue and ban me from his store... I want him to know this isn't over. I will go through the chain of command and I WILL GET MY ANSWERS AND FIX THOSE PROBLEMS AT INGLES #114 at Westgate Plaza Dr.

Franklin NC. 28734

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of being lied to and quality of service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "poor customer service, being bullied and harassed" of ingles markets manager. Ingles Markets needs to "investigate ingles store #114. i will be contacting the higher ups and place a lawsuit against him and his store" according to poster's claims.

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