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I work at the Ingles in Winder Ga. There are alot of

nice people there, but the store manager is terrible.

First this store doesnt believe in in evaluations.

Nobody ever gets a raise. They people working there

for five to six years without a raise since they started. Then Mr. wages cuts everyones hours pushes his dept managers to get more production done.

The only person thats making any money is him! I've witness so many good people either quit, because they can't take it anymore. Or he fires people for the dumbest reasons! Ingles is the worst place to work for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ingles Markets Manager.

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May need a new CEO. He's a loser!


I don't understand why you jerks put that I am from Dallas Texas, when I told you that I shopped at the Rockmart, Ga Ingles. What *** is going to come all the way from Texas every week to buy groceries a couple of times a week.

I live in Ga. You people need to start paying more attention to these complaints from your customers. I'm telling you people that this *** Steve Turley is going to ruin your Rockmart store if you keep him there. There's a store right across the street from your store, Triangle Foods which is family with a nice manager and nice employees.

Ingles had very nice employees until he got rid of them, so since you don't want to pay attention to my complaint, and obviously no one else's. Why do you even have a pissed off consumer site.


We have been shopping at the Ingles store in Rockmart, Ga for the last 6 years, and we have spent a lot of money there. No problems there until now, the rude manager, Steve Turley.

He never greets any customer, I have watched him, we might as well be a can of food, produce, a shelf or whatever for all he cares. I have asked my friends if he speaks to them, they say no way. I love Ingles, but I don't intend to keep shopping there as long as that ...hole is the manager. I guess that probably doesn't matter to corporate, but keep in mind there is a lots of people here that feel the same as I do.

There was some great employees working there, he's either gotten rid of them or cut their hours really bad. There's 1 line open, backed up, then someone from the office has to open a register to get the customers waited on. Why should the customers and employees have to put up with this. Its ***, he is not manager material.

I don't care if you agree or not. I was shopping one day, he was talking about football to the meat man for about 20 minutes, who by the way was trying to put up stock. I just stopped what I was doing and was stunned at him, talking about touchdowns and all that *** is all that matters. Then he went to the back, he got a page from the front he never answered.

I guess if a football star walked into Ingles, he would get greeted, then get his ear talked off. I think this Ingles would run better for customers and especially employees.


store #70 has a manager who relies on everyone else to do his job for him and walks around doing nothing but acting like he is in charge they need to get rid of him and put bill or the assistant manager neil in charge they are both good people and work hard


I was working for Ingles in Gaffney s.c., almost a month and the manager is an a**hole. Mind you I loved working there once I got the routine down.

But a buyer told the manager I said an Ingles further down was ghetto. Got written up had to sign some paper and got my hours cut to almost no hours.

So its really the store managers. The people were awesome!


to be an a$$hole must be a requirement to be a store manager at ingles, the one at the Grayson store is an arragant sob that bullies and belittles his people


Tony Huntsinger,David Styles the BEST


I've been working for ingles for a lil under a year and I got to admit Brian is really rude to the employees there. He will be little you anyway he can.

The store is full of friendly employees but it seems as if SOME of management think they're better then you. And if I'm not mistaken you are suppose to get a 25 cent raise each year and I've talked to people who have been there for close to three years and they have only seen one raise.


My complaint with Ingles is their pricing. Many times the items scanned rings up highter than what is priced on shelf. I can understand a mistate once in a while But, This happens to me two out of five times I go thro the check out line.

I DO NOT believe this to be an honest mistate becaue it is always in the store's favor.

I would like to see some other store come into this area and give *** some competition.

I would like to tell you about how Ingles has tried to rip me off but space would not premit. Customers, Beware! Check you orders and prcing You will be supprise.


They need to get rid of that *** manager. I couldnt work for someone like him. I dont blame those people one bit for quitting there.I would have to leave or they would have to fire me cause If it came to it I will speak my mind and it wont be pretty.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #169415

I will be honest with you because that is what th judge said I should do. I was shoplifting that is why i was imbarased.


I work at ingles in commerce and our store manager is probably the best.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #161081

What you need to do is grow up and do your job and stop complaining when you get in trouble for nt doing your job.

How sad it is to read all the comments above. To think this world is still full of haters.

The good ole boys wouldn't make it one day in Miami. I would love to see them come down here.

Cya wouldn't wanna be ya... 8)

Your wrong the Ingles store has been open for more than 4 years. It was remodeled into the Ingles supercenter.

And that is where Mr. Wages and the rest of the poor management work!!!


I think the people around that town should,from time to time boycot that place and let the produce ruin.Untill there friends and neighbors are treated better.I know people with the same story.It's like they get the most arragant and rude people to work in the management side and way over pay them.Im sick of seeing people walked all over.


While shopping at Ingles in Andrews NC. today,I was Imbarresed and Humiliated by the store manager named "Bill" is what I was told his name is.He yelled at me as I was going to get a sandwitch and asked me to see what was in my shirtpocket,I showed him what was there.A remote doorlock for my keychain.I was trying to find a battery for.It didnt bother me that much untill I turned and saw all the people starring at me,then I lost my appetite.I was thinking hey, this is a small town where most people Know who I am.I'm a Preachers assistant at White Oak Baptist church,this could get around.I'v worked for everything I have in this world and Will not be remembered as a thief.All I want is a written appology from him hanging next to a customer appreiation Photo of me on the bulloten board, so all the people that saw will know,they allready know how rude he is.Thats not to much to ask considering how it can affect someones Reputation.I'v left three messages for Their customer service to call me,and I will not simply forget this happened.He could have asked me to step into his office or cubicle and I would have thought nothing of it,But its not that simple now.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #129802

This Ingles in Winder hasnt even been open for 4 yrs yet, so how is it that pople have been there 6 yrs without a raise? Personally I think that the store is loaded with good people and the ones who left probably arent there for a reason.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #126517

i love my store in dallas n.c they are nice to me the managers do a good job


My Wife and I shop at the Flowery Branch store on Winder Hwy. WE LOVE IT!

Every employee we meet, including the Manager, greets us as we shop. They are always polite and knowledgeable.

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