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I work at the Ingles in Winder Ga. There are alot of

nice people there, but the store manager is terrible.

First this store doesnt believe in in evaluations.

Nobody ever gets a raise. They people working there

for five to six years without a raise since they started. Then Mr. wages cuts everyones hours pushes his dept managers to get more production done.

The only person thats making any money is him! I've witness so many good people either quit, because they can't take it anymore. Or he fires people for the dumbest reasons! Ingles is the worst place to work for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ingles Markets Manager.

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by the way I was born and raised in Asheville. Had to leave cuz i couldnt get a job.

not even at ingles as a bagger.

But just like all racist systems, it will end soon. the good ole boys will destroy themselves and all around them with their venom and hatred.


ingles is full of racists just like the town it comes from. from the owner on down to the last store manager.

just look and see how many of their stores has someone other than billy redneck running it!!!

seems some things never change. :?


Ingles in Belton, SC Being rude to the workers is bad enough but being rude to the customer that pays his salary is bad enough. Has atitude that he is the only close store around.

Mark my words there will be another store built with in 1/4 mile of the rude managers store, when me and a lot other customers will drive by and wave going to the other store.

It's funny when one man in the business can destroy it with his attitude. Good Luck

Gatchina, Leningrad, Russian Federation #13592

So go work at Kroger or Publix. Nobody is making you work there. Also, I'm not sure how this is related to being a "Pissed Consumer", but your post did make chuckle.

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