I parked my car at the Ingles in Acworth, GA with the manager's approval for several days. He assured me it would be okay.

It had a for sale sign on it with my phone number. I checked on it everyday. When I went to check on it on 11/28/11 it was gone. I asked the manager about it and he stated he did not have it towed.

I was advised to contact Ingles Corp. office and was advised they have a company that checks the parking lots for abandoned vehicles and have them towed. The company that towed my car was called Caroline's Auction in Palmetto, GA. I picked the car up the next day for 140.00 cash.

They had already assigned a auction sale number to it for sale. Strange my phone number was posted on the side of the vehicle and no one ever called. Strange I would not have left it there if the manager had not told me it was okay.

Strange I wonder if the Auction house and Ingles are splitting the money. PLEASE BEWARE

Review about: Ingles Markets Manager.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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Your an ***... Its your fault you left the car there...

Its private property anyways..

Its not anyone's responsibilities when its private property but yours....

Ha ha ha ha ha true ***


It's not a car lot. Get over it. Doesn't matter what a manager says it's corporate that says yes or.no


The owner of the shopping mall/parking lot and not the store manager have the right to set the rules for the parking lot. They also have the right to have any car towed that they chose since they own the parking lot. Most parking lots have signs posted showing the rules of their parking lot.

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