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i dont mind giving customer service when someone actually needs help but if you cant read signs on your own or your too lazy to bag your own groceries when you have a 300 dollar order and see they are short handed, or drop something and break it and just walk away or stand in the middle of the aisle when all you have to do is move over a few inches to let me by when im in a huge rush i could go on and on. i have no respect for anyone who comes into my store.. and im terribly sorry to the people who do nothing wrong, its just people always have to act so *** all the time and talk to me in their imbred hick slang about how i should be ashamed of things i cant control.

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Well maybe you should do your job and stop complaining. If a grocery store doesn't have enough baggers, that is their fault, not ours. It is YOUR JOB so if you feel that you are not getting paid enough then work somewhere else.


so urmom i guess you are one of the *** morons we have to put up with.... want someone to wipe your *** everytime you walk into a grocery store?

i dont get paid enough to deal with retards like you. why dont you and the rest of the morons who come in switch positions with me so you can see how *** you really are!


oh shut up urmom. I agree with how, most customers act like children.


Well there's kind of a big difference here: Customers are paying you money for service and products. You are getting paid for providing service and products to the customer.

SO JUST DO YOUR JOB and shut it.

Besides; it's a private retail store - if anyone with interest in the store (manager, owner, etc) wanted someone removed and banned for no reason, they can do that. So really it comes down to complaining when you shouldn't and not doing enough on your own end to solve the issues.


heck if this is the only place you can do it why not get it off your chest!


Aha!! The shoe is on the other foot.

Now, we have both customers and employees complaining about each other. I say, let's get the managers involved, then all three can complain about each other.

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