Do not ever apply to work at Ingles markets in Rockdale, Georgia!There is a "certain" boss at a "certain" store who is absolutely unfair in his payroll, he is a complete *** to his employees, and he owes mw money!!

I sold the most shamrocks when we were doing the fundraiser and he told us that whoever sold the most would be getting a cash prize. Well, ever since he had to fire his precious little pet (female employee) he has been avoiding me! I have put in my two weeks notice and this weekend is to be my last. And guess what....the boss is on vacation!!!!

I have not seen the man in three weeks!! I really think that he is scheduling himself to avoid me!! I would not reccomend anyone to work at this Rockdale County Ingles!!

The boss is unfair and treats his employees like ***.I am so glad that i am quitting.


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Alto, Georgia, United States #1242389

Do not shop at Cleveland, Ga store #489.The manager is a total ***.

Loves to push around women, teens & older people. You will never receive a compliment no matter how great your job is. Takes years to get your review and then the maximum raise is 25 cents. Hours are cut regularly even after the schedule is posted.

Speaking of, the schedule is posted after 5pm the day before it goes into effect.

Even though this is a small town with a lack of jobs, this store has had a hand written help wanted poster listing all the departments taped to the door for over 2 years.It just gets replaced when it fades.


I work at the Rockdale store, Havent had a raise in a year and a half, They tell me I have to have a perfect review or wait 6 months and try again, certain people get special treatment. Im lookin for something else...


Dont shop the winder store, Ive been there several times when they never have the sale items im looking for, The manager is never available when I ask for him.


Ingles is a bad company rip off there employees, most of there workers live off government help.They give there head mangers top pay to cut cost and rip off the workers.

Plus they are ripping people off on gas, gas at the Leicester NC Ingles is 10 to 15 cents cheaper then Hendersonville NC.

Everyone I know that has ever work at Ingles says the same thing.I will not shop at Ingles every again.


I currently work at the Ingles Deli in Gray, Georgia and I honestly have to say that after working there for almost a year, I've genuinely enjoyed it. The store manager is quirky but very nice and stays on task and the Deli manager is such a sweet lady and helps me a lot to work with my schedule and pay is pretty well. I'm sorry you had a bad manager...maybe it just depends on the people and the store?


I don't care what any body says, ingles is over rated and a *** place to work.Quit dreaming.

Their healthcare sucks, it takes at least a month for your raise to kick in. Their cheap *** when it comes to raises.

The mangers pick and choose favorites and they kick *** to their customers.*** ingles.


I think all Ingles are just like that.

Johnson City, Tennessee, United States #974371

wow im fixing to give my two week notice will i still get what vacation pay due to me i have two weeks

Greenback, Tennessee, United States #967715

listen everyone you all need to calm your *** first of i had worked at wendys for 4 years and got treated like *** i got hired at ingles in athens tennessee 2 months ago guess what its a great job nothing like this *** im reading i work hard everyday oh ya i get paid alot more than eveyone else on night shif in the deli and no im not a manager im a part time employee so stop crying about it you babys


I work at store number 67 there are a couple of managers you need to watch out for they will lie a cheet you any way they can. One of em I'm sure sleeps with abounch of the other managers because she has moved all over the place she has even been a manager. Until she and a few others are gone I'll hate 67 until I die.

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